“At Origins Base, I encountered God the Father face to face for the first time and began to realize what being a daughter really means. It means not only do I have a Dad I can go to with all things, but I can approach Him boldly, without any fear, and know that He wants to dream with me and support me and run with me. I learned in spiritual family how to let people love me in the vulnerable places of my heart and through that safety I started to see how to give myself grace and love myself honestly. It revolutionized the way I approach each day and I got to step into true freedom.” -Alex Chwalik

“This year in Base I’ve learned about living in not just a community of friends, but a spiritual family that goes after breakthrough and revelation together. I’ve gotten to encounter God in a way that makes me never want to leave His presence and when I’m always in His presence, heaven really can come to Earth.” - Betsy Cannon

“Base taught me that I am always a part of a team (me, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). I am not alone!” - Bryan Kim

“I learned that knowing God is a mutual encounter.  He wants to encounter me as much as I want an encounter with Him. His good thoughts towards me outnumber the sands on the shore and as I began to see him rightly, I began to see myself and others rightly as well.” - Jenny Moon

“God revealed to me through Origins Base that a culture is not something that shapes you but that which is within you; it is one that you release into the atmosphere and you become the one that shifts and shapes a culture. With the culture that I have inherited in the Kingdom, I can now go to other places and bring that same culture with me for others to experience.” -Hyeyoung Jung

“Base is a once in a lifetime life-altering opportunity. I get to live in freedom because I know who God the Father is, and as a result, I know who I am as a daughter.” - Irene Choi

“I learned that there is always a YES in store for me while living life with Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father.  I had the opportunity to learn and live out a lifestyle of freedom and ongoing breakthrough in all areas of my life and it is one of the most invaluable things that I learned in Base.” - Jeane Lee

“I have learned that I am a powerful son of Papa God that makes great choices. I have grown to trust spiritual parents and let them into my life. I went from wanting to do everything on life on my own, to welcoming and sharing my life with spiritual family. My life will never be the same!” - Marc Chew

“Through Base, I learned what it means to live free of religion and that I am being pursued and loved by the Father. I also learned what it means to live not in isolation or lies, but in spiritual family and truth.” - Angelique Crest

“Base taught me that because God’s my Daddy, I’m fully loved and never alone. Because I’m learning to live in Jesus and be myself, I’m living for the first time!” - Arabela Mendez

“Being a part of Base really helped me discover who I truly am, and how worthy I am of God’s love. Once I began to accept His grace for me, I began the journey of loving myself the way He loves me.” - Lily Rodriguez

“Base was not only a chance for me to dive into deeper layers with Jesus but an opportunity for me to finally get to know who I truly am.  Before I moved here, I had plans for my life that I realized were embedded in orphan mindsets but now that I have begun to break those off, I am able to dream for a future that is without restraint and filled with hope.” - Marina Francis