The Origins Missions Base is a 10-month experience to develop and deploy lovers of Jesus that will live naturally supernatural in whatever context God sends them into. We desire to raise-up a generation of supernaturalists that will go and infiltrate the 7 culture shapers: Art & Entertainment, Media, Business, Education, Family, Government, & Church. The ultimate goal is for base participants to engage with the culture being established here at UCSD through Origins and to then export it into any context, whether it is the marketplace, the nations, or vocational ministry.

Think of this as a base camp. When people climb mountains like Mt. Everest, they must stop at a base camp in order to prepare, rest, and get fueled up to take the summit. Every one of you has been called to take a mountain. This 10-month experience, like that base camp, will prepare you to climb the summit of your calling and destiny. No one climbs the summit without stopping at a base camp.


There will be 5 main areas of focus: Identity, the Supernatural, Spiritual Family, Spiritual Fathering/Mothering, and Starting Faith Communities. This will be a relationally driven experience and less about a traditional “internship” experience. We value and put an emphasis on hands-on training, supernatural power of God, experiential truth, and practical biblical application.

Identity: Probably the most important reality of any believer is knowing WHOSE they are. We will focus a lot on this area of discovering who we are and acting according to that reality and why that’s so crucial. There will be a lot of delving into and applying the Truth of what He says about us.

Supernatural: The supernatural was central to Jesus’ life and should be with ours too. We will encounter the supernatural as well as learn key truths to living out a supernatural lifestyle and seeing it as a consistent reality and not an occasional one. We will develop our spiritual gifts and call by participating in things like: theocaching (demonstrating the Kingdom).

Spiritual Family: Spiritual Family cannot simply be taught or put into principles. It has to be lived among. This is why being here for a whole school year gives you a full immersion into spiritual family. This area is primarily experiential, but will also include some practical training on why this is important and particular dynamics associated with a healthy spiritual family, not perfect, but healthy.

Spiritual Fathering/Mothering: This is the most fatherless generation in the history of humankind and it’s imperative that we have spiritual fathers and mothers in our lives. As with spiritual family, this is primarily experiential. Learning to live in the safety of spiritual fathers and mothers as well as being raised up to become a spiritual father or mother to others.

Starting Faith Communities: Here we will learn about starting faith communities in any context that are simple and reproducible like recognizing people of peace and building out of simplicity, not complexity. Then being able to export this into any context of life.


The Origins Base is a Holy Spirit-led and driven base. We desire to create an atmosphere that allows the participant to encounter Jesus, gain revelation in the Word, and naturally live out the Kingdom through authentic relationships

UCSD is a world-renowned university nestled on the beautiful Pacific coast in La Jolla, CA. It’s a campus of 30,000 students with 3 of the top programs in the world. The best way to describe the atmosphere of campus is a fusion of the NT cities of Ephesus and Athens. It’s a very cerebral and spiritual campus.

Each participant will be fully immersed in the culture of Origins through involvement with monthly large gatherings, Origins church, Seismics (loving people), Upwell (prayer gatherings), outreach, and more.


As stated earlier, the Origins Base is less about being an internship and more about being a relationship. You bring something to this culture and we bring something to you.

Each month to month and a half will have a specific theme tying into the 5 main areas: Identity, Supernatural, Spiritual Family, Spiritual Fathering/Mothering, and Starting Faith Communities. Some “sub” areas that extend from these 5 include, but are not limited to: Sozo Ministry, Life Management, Missions, 5-fold, and more.

There will be specific books/resources that each participant will read/experience. Also, speakers will be brought in that have expertise in certain areas. These speakers will have special, intimate trainings with the participants of the base.

We highly recommend working part-time so that you can live out Kingdom life in a much more natural way as opposed to being fully immersed in “a ministry bubble”. Also, due to cost of living, it may be necessary. This “family” living model is really the model of the Kingdom, walking and working side-by-side valuing, loving, honoring, and blessing each other.